Anthony J Sargeant – Thoughts on losing weight, diet and exercise

Forget complicated diets and expensive gym equipment. If you want to lose weight the solution is simple …. eat less.

One way to do this is to limit oneself to a small chinese bowl of food for your main meal. Then eat whatever you like as long as there is a reasonable balance of fat,carbohydrate, and protein along with some fruit and vegetables for vitamins and essential minerals. It helps to eat with chopsticks so that you slow down the rate of eating and you can savour the nice food that you choose. But no snacking during the day!

As a motivational aid it is a good idea to weigh yourself first thing every day when you get out of bed. You don’t need expensive electronic scales, ordinary spring balance bathroom scales are perfectly adequate (indeed probably more reliable – less to go wrong). Try to leave the scales in position and not move them around and step on and off them a few times to make sure they are consistent and don’t forget to zero them.

Then plot your weight day by day. In the first few days you will see a rapid drop in weight as water is lost but after that the loss will be slower but steady as shown in my own weight loss graph which is attached.



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