Gillian Parks in the Square of Sibenik, Yugoslavia, in 1966


Tony Sargeant took this photograph of Gill standing by the front of the Austin A35 Van which they had driven from England to Yugoslavia in the summer of 1966.


The Adriatic coast of Yugoslavia in 1966


The beautiful coastline of what was ‘Yugoslavia’ in 1966 during a wonderful extended summer holiday. We drove down through Europe and over the Gross Glockner pass and into Yugoslavia. We had an old pale blue Austin A35 van which behaved impeccably throughout apart from repeatedly overheating climbing the Gross Glockner Pass so that we had to keep stopping to let the engine cool down.

Antique Oak Chair in the collection of Anthony Sargeant


This wonderful antique oak chair (often called a ‘backstool’) was made in the area of North Cheshire / South Lancashire around 1670. It is in remarkably original condition with a wonderful deep patina. Tony bought the chair at an Oak Sale Auction of Bonham’s at their Chester saleroom some 10 years or so ago.

Antique Caucasian Long Carpet – Talish


Bought at auction in The Netherlands over 20 years ago by Anthony Sargeant this is a splendid example of Caucasian village weaving. It is in remarkably good condition with only isolated areas of low pile. All of the dyes are natural and that would seem to date it around the middle of the 19th Century (synthetic dyes arrived in the Caucasus soon after their production by German chemists because of the existence of the railways to that region – and there is no trace of any synthetic in this long carpet.

Of especial note are the charming irregularities of the main field which includes human and animal forms and a mosque lamp in the middle of the left hand side.