1950’s London Transport 179 bus


Anthony J Sargeant caught a bus like this one to take him from Bellingham to Brockley for an interview at Haberdashers’ Aske’s Hatcham School for Boys in 1955. Having passed the 11+ examination Aske’s was his first choice grammar school and he was accepted. While Tony was interviewed by Mr Prince (head of junior school) his mother was interviewed by the headmaster Mr Goddard.

Nunhead Cemetery in South London – A haven for wildlife — Tony Sargeant – Anthony Sargeant

Nunhead Cemetery was built by Victorian entrepreneurs to meet the need for burial space in the rapidly growing city where traditional church graveyards were already full. Anthony J Sargeant visited… Source: Nunhead Cemetery in South London – A haven for wildlife

via Nunhead Cemetery in South London – A haven for wildlife — Tony Sargeant – Anthony Sargeant

‘Prefabs’ in London – built as emergency housing after World War Two


Because of the large scale bombing of the civilian population by the Germans during WW2 and the consequent destruction of many homes there was a desperate shortage of housing after the war. It was to meet this need that prefabricated (flat pack) houses were designed (“Prefabs”). Built in the factory they could be very quickly erected on site around a central utility point already installed in the foundations. The housing was meant to last 10 years. During my childhood there were still many prefabs in South London and they continued to exist well into the late 1960s. Amazingly and wonderfully some still exist now some 60 years after their ‘use by date’.  This example is on the Excalibur Estate in Catford, South London, and it was photographed by Anthony J Sargeant in July 2016.

1936 Ford 10- the first car I owned bought in 1962

ford 10 1936Anthony J Sargeant bought a 1936 Ford 10 in 1962 after he passed his driving test. This is not the actual car but exactly the same model though left hand not right hand drive (photo found on the internet). As is often the case one never took photographs of the commonplace everyday things?