1954 Ford Zephyr of the kind on which Tony learnt to drive in 1962


This is not the actual car on which Anthony J Sargeant learnt to drive but it is the same colour and configuration. It was quite a beast on which to learn to drive. A big six cylinder saloon with three speed gearbox operated from a steering column gear change lever. No safety belts in those days and a bench seat at the front.It was also somewhat light on the back giving it a predisposition for the back end to break loose on bends.

Black Spout Gully on Lochnagar in Central Scotland


Photograph was taken by Anthony J Sargeant in August 1959 appoaching Black Spout Gully on Lochnagar in the Cairngorm Mountains in Scotland. Climbing up the steep gully is fairly straightforward in the summer although in the winter the climb through the snow and ice of the cornice at the top and thereby onto the summit plateau can be a challenge. On this day in 1959 there was low cloud and mist shrouding the mountain top but just after reaching the summit and beginning to descend on the southern flank the cloud parted like theatre curtains revealing the valleys and hills below. The only real danger is from loose rock dislodged above you when in the narrow part of the gully.






























Haberdashers’ Aske’s Hatcham School for Boys – New Cross, South London


The school in New Cross in South London that I attended from 1955-62. It had been an endowed Grammar School built in the late 19th Century by the Haberdashers’ Company of the City of London (The Haberdashers’ Company was one of the many City Livery Companies which controlled the trade of the City – like the Guilds in other places). Such schools were commonplace in British Towns and Cities in the early 20th Century but most were absorbed into the Comprehensive secondary school system created in the mid-1960s. Teresa May as the new British Prime Minister is planning to allow the creation of new Grammar Schools in places where there is parental demand. But the introduction of state funded schools that select out the more academically successful children will inevitably lead to an impoverishment of the other non selective schools in the area. This photograph of one of the main blocks of the school was taken in 2015 but it remains much as it was in my day – indeed my first form classroom was the one with the windows on the first floor to the immediate left of the tower.