Ford Popular in 1970


This is the third car owned by Anthony Sargeant with his first wife standing by the side. The photograph was taken on the drive outside 64 Wickham Chase, West Wickham, Kent, where Tony’s parents lived at the time. The Ford Popular was a reliable little car to which Tony fitted a tow bar so that he could trail the Goldmiths’ College’s Enterprise Sailing Dinghy to the coast at weekends. The car even survived being half submerged by an incoming tide at Dymchurch on the South Coast. Probably owned the car from about 1968 until 1974. It would then have been about 10 years old (this model was in production from 1959-1962). The car was bought from his first wife’s father. In essence the car had the same side valve 1172cc engine as Tony’s first car a 1936 Ford 10 but at least the brakes were now hydraulic and worked (cf rod operated brakes in the 1936 car).



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