Antique Oak Chair in the collection of Anthony Sargeant


This wonderful antique oak chair (often called a ‘backstool’) was made in the area of North Cheshire / South Lancashire around 1670. It is in remarkably original condition with a wonderful deep patina. Tony bought the chair at an Oak Sale Auction of Bonham’s at their Chester saleroom some 10 years or so ago.


Antique Caucasian Long Carpet – Talish


Bought at auction in The Netherlands over 20 years ago by Anthony Sargeant this is a splendid example of Caucasian village weaving. It is in remarkably good condition with only isolated areas of low pile. All of the dyes are natural and that would seem to date it around the middle of the 19th Century (synthetic dyes arrived in the Caucasus soon after their production by German chemists because of the existence of the railways to that region – and there is no trace of any synthetic in this long carpet.

Of especial note are the charming irregularities of the main field which includes human and animal forms and a mosque lamp in the middle of the left hand side.


My Family

a formidable looking woman
a formidable looking woman

My paternal grandfather’s mother – so the great grandmother to Anthony Sargeant. She doesn’t look the most ‘comforting’ of women! According to my mother she was a harsh and difficult woman but I never knew her and to be honest my mother was inclined throughout her life that I experienced ‘to take against’ people – often people with whom she had hitherto been apparently friendly.

The summit of the Gross Glockner Pass in Austria

As can be seen in the background the roadway is cantilevered out from the rock face as it snakes around the very top of the pass. A sensational construction achievement in the 1930s. This photograph of Tony was taken when he was driving through Austria en route for Yugoslavia in 1966.

The summit of the Gross Glockner Road in Austria
The summit of the Gross Glockner Road in Austria photographed in 1966

At the summit of the Gross Glockner Pass

Photographed by Anthony Sargeant in 1966. Gillian standing at the summit parking place of The Gross Glockner pass. The construction of which cost the lives of many of the workers who are commemorated in a memorial near the summit. We drove over the pass in a 1950s Austin A35 Van on our way to Yugoslavia.

Gill at the summit of the Gross Glockner Pass in 1966.
Gill at the summit of the Gross Glockner Pass in 1966.

Anthony Sargeant reflects: Transient life

Death stalks us through transient life

shattering the light into darkness

always there, present, waiting.

Death which extinguishes all

into emptiness.

Unexpected or expected

death comes regardless.

Sometimes a period in limbo:

Alzheimer’s –  a waiting room of pain

for those who loved you

but not for you,

before release into dark oblivion

where you can be forgotten

most of the time


How can life continue

for those who are still waiting

for their own shaft of darkness

to alight ?


Tony Sargeant – 21st January 2015

It seems only yesterday I was this child on the donkey – and soon after 70 years I will   ,,, “fade away suddenly like the grass. In the morning it is green and groweth up; but in the evening it is cut down, dried up, and withered”

tony aged 6 at Clacton

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