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A Hard Day’s Night – The Beatles


On 11th August 1964 Anthony Sargeant, Tony, went to see this film with his girl friend (JG) at the Streatham Odeon in South London. It is interesting to see clips of the film today with its surreal elements. One notes that is billed as the Beatles “first full-length film” (they made five in all).


A Hard Day’s Night – being watched on Television 1st January 2015 – Anthony J Sargeant reflects

Fifty years ago in the summer of 1964 Tony went to the Streatham Odeon to see ‘A Hard Day’s Night’. He arrived to pick up his then girlfriend, Jo Gamgee, to find her sister Janice helping her to complete making a flared cotton skirt. It was a pretty fashionable cotton floral print (Laura Ashley?) and Jo wore it with white knee socks. Tony was concerned that Jo was only 15 at the time and the film was A rated – wearing the pretty skirt and socks made her look even younger. But needless to say we did get in to see the film.

Although the last time Tony saw the film was 50 years ago and he hasn’t seen Jo Gamgee since that time he remembers her and her sister Janice with very great affection. I hope that life has not treated them too unkindly in the intervening 50 years. I regret that I have no photographs of either Jo or Janice who made such an impression on a gauche awkward shy boy.

Tony Sargeant saw this film at The Streatham Odeon with Jo Gamgee in 1964
Tony Sargeant saw this film at The Streatham Odeon with Jo Gamgee in 1964